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Water Features & Gardens

Installing a pond or waterfall or both or cascades will add an extra dimension to the beauty of your water garden or your landscaping project, as the falling water sparkles in the sunlight while you enjoy the delightful relaxing sound of tumbling water in your feature.

As a waterfall is a body of water falling off a single shelf, while a cascade is a body of water falling down a series of shelves, rather like water running down a flight of stairs. In both features, water is pumped up to a header pool where it brims to overflowing. In a waterfall it spills over as a sheet, in a single dramatic drop from one level to another, while in a cascade, it brims over and splashes down from one step to another in a series of mini waterfalls.
A cascade or waterfall is a vital part of any water garden, water feature or pond, so it is important that we choose the right design for your pond, waterfall or water feature.

There are so many ways to create a waterfall or stream, water feature. Using one of the large selection of pre-formed waterfall is one easy and effective method. Or a more complex way is using boulders to create a desired waterfall or cascade or you we use preformed stainless steel to construct your cascade or waterfall which can be corporate into any feature.

Some waterfall, cascade, or water features look great on their own, or you may decide to go for a selection of units, which interlock to create a complete cascade. waterfall for your pond or water feature.
So get in touch if you in need of something special for your water feature.

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